Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hand, Foot, and Mouth... WHAT??

So Josh woke up on Tuesday with a temp of 102.5.... And of course we decided not to send him to daycare. I called to let them know that he was running a fever and they commented that he may have "Hand/Foot/Mouth" virus. I was like - um okay. I read up on it in my "first year book"... Symptoms are fever followed by blisters in the throat, on the hands, and soles of feet. I immediately try to see into Josh's mouth without much luck. I then decide I should call the doc. So the nurse tells me that 102 is pretty high for that type of virus. But if it is, it will go away on its own and to only call back if the fever remains for 72 hours. By about 1pm... I decide it is time to make an appointment because I just don't want to chance another ear infection.

On the good side... no ear infection. On the bad side... he has the virus (or disease as the nurse kept saying). Why do they call it a disease?? It makes me feel like it is going to be permanent if it is a disease. I then make sure to ask the doc what I need to do to ensure the company coming that weekend doesn't get sick. She replied, "disinfect everything with some diluted bleach water" but adults rarely get this. So I called all the friends with kids to give them the warning. Most of them appreciate the heads up and opted not to come... A relief to me in a way.
The rest of the week was horrible for Josh. He was just plain miserable and only had blisters in his throat. We just kept giving him popsicles and really warm milk/water. And LOTS of tylenol and motrin. Oh - that is another thing - why does Motrin work SO much better than tylenol??? We ended up just doing Motrin for an entire day... and that seemed to go much better. Jim and I took half days all week to make sure he didn't have to go back to daycare. It also let the two of us catch up on some sleep because he seemed to only take a good nap during the day.
Ahh.... parenthood and daycare...

Monday, April 21, 2008

11 Months Old!!

So we are quickly approaching Josh's 1 year old mark... So I figure it is a good time to let you all know what he is up to these days...

  • Favorite foods - cottage cheese, string cheese, yogurt, ice cream, hmm... good thing we live in WI...

  • Favorite activities - Walking/pushing his tonka truck in the house and the turtle outside in the driveway. Swings and slides...

  • Favorite quiet time - reading books... seriously we read about 5 a day... even the girls at daycare comment about how often he will bring a book over to them so they read it to him. Very cute!

  • Favorite words - BAH... and of course Mama and Dadda

  • Latest accomplishments - putting his arms up in response to "How big is Josh?", walking about 5 steps without holding on, putting things away... he loves to help clean, pick up the dog food and put it back in the dish, and put the tops onto bottles.

Our little man is getting so big... We are looking forward to the big birthday... less than 2 weeks!!!

Pictures: He loves playing with the dog dish... sometimes we see him putting the dog food back into the dish... but more often than not... we find him trying to eat Hilo's food... so this is him caught in the act.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lillian Annmarie Thuente

Lillian Annmarie Thuente
7lbs 2oz, 20.5"
Born at 8:44 AM
Congratulations Pat and Sarah on your BEAUTIFUL baby girl! I am so excited I was able to meet her! Can't wait for her first camping trip!!