Friday, September 19, 2008


September has been flying by. I realize that I say this quite a bit... but seriously. Time is flying by. We went to the MN state fair before Labor Day weekend. It was great food as usual. We tried to go to all the barns, but most were closed for cleaning of some sort. Then we were up at the lake visiting my family for Labor Day. Josh loved swimming and playing in the sand. Hilo even went for a swim. We visited my Great Great Grandma Leona during the trip too. She is all settled in her new place and had a lot to show us. It is hard to see her getting older, I have known her my entire life and to think that she won't be here is just crazy. I am glad Josh has been able to spend some time with her too. She is 96 and still walking and able to remember who we all are! What a blessing!

We have had a few weekends home. Which is fantastic. We hung out with our new neighbors who are great - a younger couple with one daughter (4 yrs old). Work is going well. I started school again and actually signed up to take the GRE... Grad school will start in January. YIKES. Am I really ready to commit??

I have my 10 year H.S. reunion this Saturday. 10 YEARS! I actually had a dream last night about a few people in my class that I haven't thought about in years! I will blame that on facebook as everyone is looking for everyone else, I am sure trying to prepare for Saturday's events. I am looking forward to seeing people... secretly wishing that some people whom I particularly didn't like are not going to be there. But I don't have to talk to them I guess.

Let's see. Josh. He is just getting so big. I am amazed everyday by something new he has learned. Right now we are working on shoes. He will go get them, sit down in front of me, and unvelcro them. He tries so hard to get them on but just isn't able to. He LOVES to try though. He is saying Blueberry, Nuk, Hi, and Puppy all the time now. It is very difficult to understand, but Jim and I get what he is saying. Glad that sign language still helps everyone else!

This week I decided to give him a bath. Although this time I hopped in there with him. He thought that was HILARIOUS! Because he could really splash me this time. Well he decided to drink some of the bath water... and got too much so he started coughing. And then it turned into vomitting. AWESOME! So I quickly yelled for Jim... got Josh out of the tub and proceeded to drain the tub with floating cheerios. As I am doing this, Josh is leaning over the tub wearing his hooded towel and saying "BLAAAHHH" like he is still puking. Little S#$%. ha ha. He knew exactly what he did. All we could do was laugh.

I love being a parent. But will never opt for a bath again. I am glad it wasn't the other end.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Congratulations Matt and Ami!

Zachary Matthew
Born: September 4, 2008
@ 9:15am
Weight: 9lbs 5 oz
Height: 22 inches

A big healthy little boy! Mom, Dad, and Zachary are doing fantastic! They are having issues posting to their blog... So I figured I would atleast post it on mine!

Can't wait to see pics!