Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving with the Walsh's

Okay - so time to catch up...

We spent thanksgiving with my folks in MN. We have started having our own family Thanksgiving... my mom works at the airport M-Th whether or not there is a Holiday... so we try to get most of the food ready so we can eat when she gets home. This year Jim and I brought Josh over to the Gabricks (my sister's inlaws) so they could all meet him. We got there around 1pm and hung out for the afternoon. Thankfully my dad was willing to handle the cooking at home while we were gone!

One of the funniest things happened while we were over there. Josh's godfather... Steve was having some fun with Josh. He was lifting him up above his head and then bringing him back down to the floor. Josh was enjoying this immensely... then all of a sudden we all watched as Josh spit up... RIGHT INTO STEVE's OPEN MOUTH!

We all sat there in disbelief and watched as Steve closed his mouth in disgust, gently lowered Josh down and laid him on the floor... grabbed the Sears ad... and spit a pretty big mouthful out... We seriously laughed at him for the rest of the weekend. Sorry Uncle Steve! ha ha!
Dinner was delicious... my grandparents and great granny came over for dessert... but other than that it was nice to have my parents, siblings, and spouses all together.

Friday morning my mom and sister and I embarked on the Black Friday shopping extravaganza. We met up at Target around 5:45am. Stood in line... because we needed to get that IPOD docking station. The doors opened at 6am and we of course pushed and pushed our way in... just to get in on the excitement. Everyone went straight and we opted to go to the right. The decision looked like a bad one as we approached the MASS of people in electronics... however the ipod docking stations were on an end cap... on our side... NICE!!!

We spent ALL day shopping and met up with my mom's sister Mary and my cousins Jamie, Melissa, and Sam. It was a great day. I bought lots of clothes and got the xmas gifts taken care of.

Friday night we went to my sisters place and hung out with the Thuente cousins. Again - we always seem to have fun. We have definitely grown up though... the appetizer assortment has improved significantly in recent years... going from white castle to tenderloin/asparagus wraps. Yep. Grown up.
Saturday we had our mini Christmas as we will be in MI this year. Josh enjoyed opening up presents with Aunt Shannon. Definitely loved the wrapping paper... and the toys and clothes inside. He got 2 outfits, shoes, Edison the talking catepillar, and a cell phone. It was a good Christmas for him.
We left for WI on Sunday and the drive was nice and uneventful. Got back just in time for my soccer game.

Pictures: Aunt Shannon (Godmother) helping Josh open presents, Giggling with Uncle Joe, Laughing with Nanna and Pappy, and Uncle Jack helping Josh do his favority activity - STAND.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Josh is 6 Months Old!!

Josh celebrated his 6 month birthday with a new treat... puffs. I am not sure he really liked them, but he definitely enjoyed trying to get them into his mouth. Jim's parents were in town this weekend and Grandma Cindy stayed this week as Jim is in England. She has been doing a fantastic job of taking pictures and not too mention helping out with the late night feedings and occasional play time!

He is doing very very well on formula and continues to be significantly happier. He has had plums, sweet potatoes, squash, and prunes. Tonight we attempted to give him cereal again but this time I mixed in some pears. He took a few bites and even smiled! So I feel like that is an improvement!

And he has tried out the sippy cup! He really likes it, but don't even attempt to help him, he gets really mad at you!

He is sitting all by himself now, can reach for a toy and then sit back up. He has got the cutest giggle and finds me extremely hilarious. I take that as a compliment. He is noticing his room now and it is almost like he finally gets what things are. It is a snoopy theme and tonight he saw the little bird on the blanket and got this huge grin on his face as he lunged toward it. Babbling all the way. Later he randomly started giggling at something on the dresser. I decided to bring him over there to figure out what it was and he didn't hesitate to reach for the Ireland bear. I brought it over and sat back down on the recliner... He was seriously talking to the bear like they have been friends for a long time. Kinda makes me think Toy Story might be real! :)

We started just giving him a shower when we are getting ready in the mornings and found he really likes it. He still likes baths because of the splashing and toys, but it is nice to know he can take a shower so traveling will be easier.

What else...

Still hates to be on his tummy - again I don't think he will be a crawler. Still loves his jumparoo - one day i will figure out how to get the video off of the camcorder and onto this website for you to see.