Saturday, February 28, 2009

We are back!

So time to catch up. I am cheating because blogger lets you... So even though i am writing it today (4/1) I am going to post it as February 28th!

Josh got his first official haircut this month. He sat their perfectly still and just looked at us like, why are you taking all the pictures. This is no big deal! It was very cute.

February finished with a great weekend visit to MI for Charlotte's baptism. We had a nice visit with Grandma and Grandpa. Hilo had a new friend, their new dog Addie. They played and played all weekend and Addie didn't back down even though Hilo was 4x her size. Whenever they would play with the rope toy, Hilo would fling Addie. It was pretty funny to watch. Josh enjoyed helping Grandma wash dishes, which included dousing with grandma with water every once in a while. We had a night of Rock band at Mark and Tara's house... their bonus room is finished and is a great place to hangout.
Finally we ended on Sunday with Charlotte's baptism. We were able to see almost all of Jim's family. We hadn't seen many of them since Thanksgiving. Josh was just way too cute with his new cousin Charlotte. He couldn't stop giving her hugs and kisses and whenever Jim or I held her he had to come over and give her more hugs. "Baby mama, Baby". It was so cute!
The last weekend we headed to MN to watch Jack play in the State High School Hockey playoffs. It was an outstanding game and we were hoarse from cheering. They had only a few more games left to officially make it to the state playoffs, and we would be eagerly be following the games on the internet... Go Hill Murray!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Little Mr. Personality

Happy Valentine's Day
Josh has taken a liking to U2 Watch him get down

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Endless pursuit of Happiness

I know, less than a week and I am going to post. A lot has happened in the last few days and the next week is going to be very hectic so I figured now or never.

This past weekend we went to our first "big b-day" party for my girlfriend Mandy's son Eric. We went to the jumpy gym as we call it and Josh had a blast. Everytime we go he gets more comfortable with it. This time, he went down the slides all by himself. I am not one to hand hold him, but this was actually hard for me. I sat at the top and saw Mandy's daughter Willa go down by herself and Josh eagerly tried to. So I let him go, my stomach was literally in knots as I watched him go down squealing with huge smiles. I then slid down after him which was equally hilarious to him because he couldn't get away very easily. It was so fun to watch him laugh at everything.

We spent SAturday night with our neighbors and then Sunday we did the usual Church, breakfast, and got ready for the Superbowl party. We went to Barb and Tom's again. It was a very good time as there are new kids every year.

Monday I started classes again for the semester. I signed onto my online course to find out that the first exam scores and discussion grades for the first week were posted! INSTANT panic. I immediately called the professor to find out that I had infact missed the entire first week of class. Apparently the online courses start a week earlier than my UWO classes. UGH. So I haven't slept that great the last 2 nights because I have so much anxiety about being so far behind. My boss graciously let me have the day off today so I could catch up and I was very successful. I managed to finish all the assignments and exams for both the first and second weeks of class. Meaning I am now ahead of schedule! YAY! My inclass course is finance. It was a very very good class and I think I am really going to like it. The professor is really good at keeping the lecture interesting/applicable to everyone in the class regardless of knowledge of the material.

This weekend we are traveling to MI for my neice Charlotte's baptism. And then next week I will be traveling to Toronto for work. I really don't like traveling this much especially when it is all crammed into one week. But such is life. The next big planned trip after that is going to be MEXICO! YAY!

I will get pictures posted after all the trips next week!

Here is a link to an article I had to read for class this week... It is about our desire to find Happiness.... It gave me a unique perspective on how I make decisions... hope it is interesting to you too!