Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Legend of the Nuk Fairy

Josh has been down to only having a nuk at naps or bedtime. But the doc says it is time and that his teeth are starting to show signs of problems. So we finally did it. And it is going okay. All day long we talked to Josh about the "Nuk Fairy". For those of you in the dark on this one... the Nuk Fairy comes to kids houses to collect Nuk's and redistribute them to babies who want them. The Nuk Fairy also leaves small gifts for any little boy or girl who gives up their Nuk's to be a big boy/girl. Very efficient and environmentally friendly this Nuk Ferry is. Josh just went along with it... not really understanding what it all actually meant.

Last night after his usual bedtime routine (bath, pj's, brush teeth, stories) we went back downstairs to put all of Josh's nuks into a gift bag. He had 5, 3 of which he needs to have at night in order to sleep. One in his mouth and one in each hand. Josh gladly put all of the Nuks in there and said "bye bye Nuks". We returned to his bedroom and I put him in his crib to go to sleep, all the while saying how proud I was that he gave his nuk to the babies. Not even a second after being in the crib he did the sweep for the nuks... and of course didn't find them. So this began the 20 minutes of off and on screaming. And then silent. He was fast asleep. No nuks. He woke up at 2:30 like clockwork as he has done since the first week of October when he was sick. Jim doesn't do so well with the crying/screaming and ended up passing out with him in the recliner for about 20 minutes. But he went back to sleep after that... no nuk.

7:00am we wake up and begin singing our praises of how big he is and how great it is he made it through the night without a nuk! We went down to see the gift bag where he put his nuks and asked him what was in there. He said, "NUKS!" all excited... and then when he looked and saw wrapped gifts, "What is that Daddy?". So he unwrapped each one and played with it before moving onto the next. We had to ask him to look in the bag several times to get through them all. The Nuk Fairy really did her homework because the gifts were PERFECT! Josh got a $4 dump truck, 3 - $1 books, a $5 Thomas the train video, and the Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do you See game for $8. (Prices listed for those who may be interested in the smokin deals at Target!)

So at 7:30am we are playing a family game of Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you see. And it was pretty fun! Then we read the books. Next watched one of the shows on the Thomas video. And finally, played with the dump truck. Quite a productive morning... all before church!

Naptime was another struggle. 20 minutes of unhappiness. So we aren't out of the woods yet. But we are much closer than ever to being done with them... Can't wait!


So I was out shopping yesterday and at the checkout, the woman said, "How many DAYS do you have left?"

REALLY? SERIOUSLY? Did she just ask how many DAYS?

I responded, "Ah, well actually, I have 3 months left. Which is a lot more than a few days."

Did she stop there, no...

She says, "Oh, really? So like not until January? Wow. Is this your first?"

At this point I just want to be on my way... but I can't... so I continue the conversation. I wish it were a guy cashier... because it would be so much more understandable in my eyes. But a female... who has children as I have found out in the conversation... really? Come on. So I went home and ate half a pan of brownies. Just kidding.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ultrasound # 3 - 28 weeks

Today we had ultrasound # 3 to get a picture of baby's pallet. The appointment also involved the yummy glucose test where I had to drink a orange soda like beverage, get blood work, and hopefully find out that I don't have gestational diabetes. The office was a little more hectic than usual as many of the staff are out with the flu. We were able to get everything in though, blood work, urine test, flu shot, and ultrasound. Baby's heartbeat was 150bpm and baby was nestled head down already. Baby moved and moved! I was able to confirm the parts I was feeling poke on my right side were feet and the butt was what was poking out right in the middle! Baby kept putting his/her arm up in front of their face which made getting a picture very difficult. Eventually after rolling onto my side baby looked right at us and yawned really big! At the very end of the ultrasound I asked Jim, "Last chance, do you want to know the sex?"... his response, "NO!" 12 more weeks!

Weight gain has slowed down finally! I am right where I was at this time with Josh so even though I gained weight much faster this round, it is ending up about the same. Most of the comments from work are, "so when are you due" as in it must be tomorrow. When I tell them not for 3 more months... they usually follow up with so are you going to stop working soon? These poor millwrights... I am just waiting for one of them to give me an orange cart to drive around the plant! haha!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fun Fun Fun

Josh had a visit from his Aunt Shannon and Uncle Steve this weekend. He was very excited about their arrival and kept asking if it was Friday yet... this started on Tuesday. He woke up Saturday morning bright and early, 6am to Aunt Shannon eager to see him. He was instantly in heaven. The rest of the weekend consisted of lots of mini hockey, trains, cuddling, and food. He also got a little spoiled which is always his favorite part.

We went shopping Saturday afternoon to try and find a new hat for Josh because his melon is just growing and growing. His 24 month hat from last year fits okay, but it is definitely tighter than it was . We ended up finding a hat that is sized 4-5 years at the gap and it is ridiculously cute. And bottom line, he loved it! It was the only hat that he didn't mind being on his head and he wore it for the rest of the shopping trip.

That night we had dinner and then went to my friend Mandy's house for her big 30th b-day party. Her, Kristen, and I have just been too busy to get together... pathetic. So this was the first time the three of us had been together since May! It was really fun, Bob threw a great party for Mandy. Lots of fun, food, and well laughs. It was really nice to get out of the house and see friends. A few of them didn't even know we were pregnant! ha ha!

The next day Jim got to go to the Lion's Packer's game at Lambeau and was treated to the box office seats courtesy of a vendor. So he had a good time. Shannon, Steve, Josh, and I went to church and then to breakfast. Josh did okay, three trips to the bathroom so that was slightly frustrating, but he actually went every time, so can't complain too much.

My latest pet peeve. People who are obviously sick who still go out in public, i.e. church. Our priest made a "public" announcement saying if you are coughing, have a sore throat, or fever, stay home. And it did not require confession if you miss mass because you are sick. Meanwhile the three hackers in front of us in sweats remain in the pew. I really hope that since we already were sick once, we are clear. Seriously, it was not fun. All of the engineers at my plant have been out now either with sick kids or they are sick themselves. And even the manly engineers have been out for a minimum of 3 days with the crud. So if you haven't had it... eat your veggies, wash your hands, and stay rested!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Josh's fever broke late Sunday night and I was still not feeling well Monday, so we opted to stay home. Lots of sleep, hot water, and soup. I started feeling much better that afternoon but Josh didn't seem to be quite back to normal. Tuesday morning we were both miserable again. At this point, calls into Josh's Pediatrician and my OB have all said we are okay and don't need to come in. I didn't have to worry until I had a fever that reached 100F. I hadn't. Josh was pulling at his ears so I decided to make an appointment for Tuesday morning anyway.

The entire way there I had to tell Josh about the masks we would have to wear. Thankfully he was excited because they had Mickey Mouse on them. When we got in there, we were in good company. There were a handful of other people all wearing masks. Flu season is officially here!

As soon as we got into the room, the nurse said she was testing him for the flu since I was pregnant. I still at this point am thinking it is nothing more than a cold turned into ear infections. 10 minutes later, the doc walks in and says Josh has tested positive for Influenza A. Since the handful of tests that have been submitted to the state have all come back as H1N1, our doctor said it is 99% likely that this flu Josh has is also H1N1. AWESOME! So she immediately wrote out a prescription for Tamiflu and told me to get on the phone with my OB.

My OB immediately said to get me on Tamiflu and wrote out the prescription and then asked me to get in to see my family doc. Many phone calls go by and finally I get an appointment at my doc. At the appointment, I am sitting in the waiting room for an entire hour with a mask on. Awesome. Among the other 6 people next to me all with masks on. Double awesome.

Long story short, I am tested as well for the flu, although the doc fails to tell me not to blow my nose before hand. I saw that it was a nose swab from Josh's test and I thought, I better blow my nose so they can get to the good stuff. When the test came back negative, my doc said that with adults it is more often false negative. So why take the test? She then went on to say I should be taking sudafed and robitussin to help with the cough/sinus headaches. Seriously? I am pregnant... I am not taking anything I don't have to at this point.

So Josh and I are on Tamiflu.... hanging out in our misery. I had lots of cuddle time at all hours of the day/night. We have read tons of stories, watched way too many cartoons, and had way too much soup. Josh started showing signs of improvement by Wednesday but was still sleeping much more than usual. So I kept him home all week so he wouldn't get anything else. All the kids in his class were gone on Wednesday for some sort of fever related illness. Hmm?

By Saturday morning I am finally feeling about 80%. The darn cough just won't go away. But I am sleeping in my bed reasonable well which is just so much better than a recliner!

Overall we are on the mend. But going crazy in our house!!

Where is Jim through all of this? He has a major major equipment down this week. The one he has been working very long hours for. So he is gone by 5:15am and not home until 7pm. He has come home during the day to let me get to the doc or to give me a break... but I am also trying to keep him away and hopefully healthy. So far so good.

Josh and I did pretty well. I had one major mental breakdown when my friend Mandy called. She wasn't expecting it, but as soon as she asked how we were doing, I just started bawling. I was so tired, Josh had his third consecutive accident, and I just wanted to be better, the house cleaned, and to get out of the damn house! On top of that I can't help but worry about taking Tamiflu which hasn't been tested on pregnant women or the worry of getting worse and ending up in the hospital. I don't sound stressed do I???

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is it October already?

Finally my traveling has come to an end! YAY! I am so relieved. The trip to MTU brought back so many memories. And there are so many changes on campus from when I was there 6 years ago now, man alive I am getting old! The career fair was changed to 12pm-6pm which seemed to allow more students to attend, because we were busy all day. Some of the things students say to us is unbelievable. Career fair, interviews, it doesn't seem to matter. There is nothing like having them start off the conversation with, "I didn't like that job because of all the management, they were annoying." Wow, awesome. "I am just gifted, I was meant to be an engineer." And my final favorite, "What is it going to take for me to get you to hire me?". Maybe it was us being on our feet all day, but seriously. The last one was from a guy who did not know personal space. He kept getting closer and I kept taking a step back. I ended up on the side of our booth... Seriously.
The cold weather sure didn't wait to arrive either! We had to bring out the winter coats to go for a walk and to see the fire trucks at the city's Family Fun Day. The fire station down the street brings out all the trucks for the kids to climb on. They do demonstrations on how quickly they need to suit up and get their gear on. Josh didn't seem to scared to see the guy in the full mask, but I would bet it would be scary to see them if there were an actual fire and they were coming to save you. He got a little baseball size card of the different trucks as we walked around. They had a smoke simulation trailer that kids could learn how to navigate through, a bunch of booths for city reps, food, and activities. Josh got to dress up like a fire fighter, shoot a hose on a fake fire, and crawl through a tunnel to save a puppy. The firefighter helping him thought he did such a great job he let him get an "I did it!" ribbon. This is one of Josh's favorite sayings and it commonly used after going to the bathroom. So it was perfect.

Sunday... Josh and I woke up sick. Real sick. Josh had a fever of 102F and cough. I had a horrible cough and stuffed up nose. NOT FUN! So we had a very very lazy Sunday full of hot soup, hot water, and naps.