Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Trip to MI

This weekend we finally made a trip to MI to introduce Everett to the Kirkwoods. So far only Jim's parents had been able to meet him, so this was going to be a big weekend. We drove out on Friday and had a pretty uneventful drive. The boys were very good throughout the drive and we have successfully figured out how to manage the drive to keep them happy. I pump as soon as I hear a whimper out of Everett and climb back to the middle seat between the boys to feed Everett a bottle. Then we make a stop and get everyone out for a potty break and some running. We turn on the DVD player towards the end of the 7 hour drive to help entertain Josh... and make the last few hours go faster.

We got together with my friend Bri and her boyfriend Damon Friday night for a few drinks, it was very nice to see them and catch up. G'ma and G'pa had no objections to watching the boys that night. Saturday we woke up and drove to Royal Oak to hang out with Jim's sister Abby, husband Aaron, and girls Izzy and Charlotte. As soon as we pulled up Josh was screaming from the car, "Whats up dudes, I am here, Its Josh, Whats up Uncle Awesome" It was hilarious!

We went to the Detroit Zoo Saturday night for an hour and thoroughly enjoyed watching them race around to see as many of the animals as we could. The best part forsure was the polar bear exhibit. The seals and polar bears can swim right over this underwater tunnel that you could walk through. One seal was doing laps with his eyes closed... and he eventually ran into a big grumpy looking seal. Wow did the kids laugh! It was fun to see them duck everytime the seals would come over the tunnel...

Sunday we went to the Warren community center waterpark near their house. This was going to replace our annual waterpark trip, only because things have been just a bit hectic on both of our families this spring. So we spent a few hours splashing around and it seemed like the kids were perfectly content with this water adventure, and so were our wallets!

That night all the grandmas came in to meet Everett. He was all smiles and enjoyed being held. We got to meet Catherine (Jim's younger sister) new boyfriend Tyler and had some good laughs. Monday we went back to Jim's parents. It was a nice relaxing way to end our trip. They boys did great and we have definitely figured out the sleeping routine.

Tuesday our drive back was a little long. We were all just tired and eager to be home. No real problems, we slept most of the way. It is weird that it is already Tuesday because we usually make the drive on Sunday. Josh spent a good portion of the drive telling us all about the fun he had with his cousins and with g'ma and g'pa. He has a very good memory and is increasing his vocabulary everyday, it is so amazing!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The MN State Hockey Tourney

My brother and his team had officially made it to the MN State High School Hockey tournament. We were so so excited to make the trip back home to watch the games even though we had just been there for the weekend. We left on Thursday and drove straight to my Aunt Mary's in Woodbury to drop Everett off. My Uncle Steve offered to drive us to the Excel Energy Center because the word was it was unbelievably packed and parking was not even close. We got there to see the previous game end and say hello to all the family members. My mom had a special sweatshirt made for Josh that said Pioneers on the front and my brother number and name on the sleeve. He was SO excited!

It was the second time I had been to the state tournament, the first time was when I was in H.S. And I don't remember it being so packed. Literally, the Excel Energy center was sold out. Throughout the tournament they posted the daily attendance and one of the facts they put up on the scoreboard was that the second most attended event a the Excel was a MN State High School Hockey game. The first was a Shania Twain concert. Yep, MN hockey is big. Another fun fact, the entire sections on either side of the rink are for season ticket holders. Leaving the four sections on either end of the ice open for fans of the teams that are playing.

Game one was against Duluth East. It was a good game, although too close for comfort... I want a big lead... 2 goals were fired right away by Duluth... YUCK... my stomach was in knots the entired game. Thankfully before the first period was over my brothers team had scored 2 goals... within 10 seconds of eachother. But Duluth scored a third time, just as the clock ran out for the first period. 3-2... high scoring game. Josh was a riot during the game, watching every second of it, including the little kids during periods and the zamboni. He loved being passed around from family member to family member. In the second period my brothers team came out roaring and scored two games. It was finally looking like they were going to pull it off. My brother scored an awesome goal in the second period to give the Pioneers the final goal of the game. It was AWESOME!

The next day we had to play Minnetonka, the number one team in the State. Everyone knew Hill would have to come out strong right away. Minnetonka had 3 confirmed D1 recruits already. My stomach hurt all day just thinking about it! It was an unbelievable game. Everyone seemed to be on the edge of their seat after the first period. Hill Murray had control over the game right from the start. But they just couldn't sink the puck. Minnetonka got a goal in the first period on one of the first defensive mistakes, but Hill was able to tie it up. The rest of the game was a nailbiter with Hill out shooting Minnetonka 24 shots to 9! It was ridiculous... but puck just wouldn't go in. The game continued for four overtimes... Almost ending once after a goal went in for Minnetonka... but it was called off because it was kicked in. Phew... but the fun was quickly over in the fourth overtime when Minnetonka scored. The place was still packed even though it was 12:30am! They had been playing hockey for 3.5 hours... it was crazy! And yes, Josh was still up and with us but didn't understand how we lost. It was the second longest game in H.S. state tourney history!

The next day we played Apple Valley for third. Hill came out strong with the graduating seniors playing the first line. Within 20 seconds, my brother scored the first goal... setting them up for another strong game, even if they had just played 8 hours earlier! They won 6-3 to take the Third Place title. Not bad. Even though we all knew the play-off game was the game against Minnetonka...

Minnetonka got second by the way... they lost to Eden Prairie and looked like crap... our fans yelled "You are Welcome" to the Eden Prairie fans... basically because Hill had run them down so they were easier to beat.

We went to celebrate after the game at Champps... my brother came down there with his girlfriend and we watch the state final game on TV... My brother got a call as we were sitting there that he had made the All Tournament team. So he drove back to the Excel with my parents... the rest of us watched on TV as he and my parents walked out at the end of the game. My brother also won the Hobey Baker H.S. Character award. As you can tell, I am pretty proud of him!

Everett didn't get to watch any of the games in person, he was able to hang out with our family though. My grandparents watched him for the final game against Apple Valley... with everyone knew watching him I thought it might be good to print out an "All about me" page with some quick notes about Everett. I am pretty sure they all thought I was nuts... but each of them did read it and did appreciate some part of it. My uncle was happy to have our phone number so he could get a hold of us when we needed to be picked up. My grandparents were happy to read that he doesn't necessarily need to be burped. ha ha! So even though they made fun of me... it was helpful. And I didn't give them a 10 minute schpeel before we left.