Sunday, July 26, 2009

A little more on Baby # 2

So this pregnancy is very very different. Not that it is a bad thing, it is just very different. Here are some things I have noticed.

  1. Losing hair. I haven't lost this much hair (brushing/showering) since before I was pregnant with Josh. I notice because I now need to clean out the shower drain... haven't done that since we first got married.
  2. Acne. I am back in high school. Breaking out with tiny little pimples all along my hairline. And then of course 3 mega ones... in places that are noticeable every time you talk... edge of your nose or on the edge of my lip. Nice.
  3. Stink. I think Dove stopped putting the antipersperent in my deodorant. Because it doesn't work anymore. What is up with that??
  4. Food Aversions. Nothing. With Josh the thought of chicken/turkey made me gag. I can eat just about anything with baby #2... except fish. Which I have never been able to eat.
  5. Belly size. Definitely bigger this round. I just measured myself and am about 32.5" around. Granted I did just eat dinner, but not anything ridiculous. To put it into perspective, I just pulled out my "Belly Book" from Josh and I didn't measure 32" until week 21 with him. That is 6 weeks away!
  6. Weight gain. About the same it looks like. But I feel bigger. ha ha!

So... if you are wondering what the sex is... me too. I am leaning towards a girl at this point because it is so different. But then I keep reminding myself of the many friends that have had drastically different pregnancies and they all resulted in the same sex.

What do I hope for... honestly a girl. But also a boy. I know weird. Are we going to find out. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Sorry to all of those who are really upset right now. But we just loved the surprise WAY too much.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Holy Moly

SLACKER! That is about all you can call me for my pathetic lack of a blog. Sorry! Thank you to everyone who has harrassed me in recent weeks and sorry that it took so long.

Well, as you can see from the blog updates... A lot is going on in the Kirkwood house. Joshua turned 2 since I last posted. The party was spectacular. He is a ball of energy these days and is learning new words each and every day. His personality is really coming through now that he can say sentences and copy everything that Jim and I say. Everyday he seems to surprise me with something he says. My absolute favorite is "I Love You Too Mom!" And the close second would be "Goodmorning Mama - get up". His love of hockey continues and he is now enjoying other sports including baseball. Jim hung a wiffle ball on the end of a string and hung it from the garage rafters. Josh can one time that ball better than I can at this point and yells, "Good Hit Josh" everytime he sends it above the garage door. We have had a lot of fun this summer with family visits and a trip to the Lake with Nanna and Puppa.

And of course the really big news, Baby #2 is on his/her way. We found out just a few days after Mother's Day and of course we are ecstatic! I am very relieved at this point that I am over the first trimester nausea. I thought I had morning sickness with Josh... but nothing compared to this round. I was losing a meal every day from May 30th until July 1st. Can you tell it was fun my my exact dates of how long it lasted. My first doctors appointment was at the end of June and seeing that little heart beat was still amazing, even if this is the second time around. Baby #2 loves to move too! His/Her arms were swinging and legs were kicking.

How I Told Jim - I wanted it to be more of a surprise then just handing him the positive test. So I went down to the basement and grabbed the infant seat. I put it in the back seat of his car and had to move his seat up inorder for it to fit. After everyone was ready for work, Josh and I were sitting in the kitchen having breakfast as Jim left. I heard him yell from the garage, "Why is the carseat in my car Danielle? Did you put this in there?" He was definitely annoyed. He continued to ask as he carried it in the house annoyed at the fact that he was already running late. I just kept smiling and finally replied, "Why would we need the infant seat in the car?" He immediately responded, "I don't have time for games Danielle". He went to walk back out to the garage, stopped, turned around and said, "Oh, you mean you are pregnant? I am such a jerk! I am sorry... when did you find out". It was definitely evident to me that he is not a morning person and we should not break news to him until he has had a cup of coffee!

How we told family - Well we couldn't keep it a secret for long. The week after we found out we talked to our families on Skype as usual. I had a picture made up that read "Big Brother". After the conversations got going and all family members were present, we had Joshua show them his picture he drew. It was a good surprise for them and Josh really loved their reaction to his drawing. So much so that for the next few weeks he would go find that picture and hold it up during our Skype family visits and our family would have to scream and yell just like the first time. Josh would just laugh and laugh.

Other than that I am swamped with school this summer, taking a 3cr 14 week class in a 7 week cram session. Trying to spend quality time with my boys (Jim, Josh, Hilo), and now that I am feeling better trying to get out and exercise again. Oh and I threw Jim a surprise 30th birthday party this past weekend which involved 7 of his closest friends and their spouses coming to our house for a weekend. It was a huge success - Jim had no clue - and we all had an outstanding time.

That is the life of the Kirkwood family at this moment. Hope all is well with you and your families! Pictures - Belly pic at 14 weeks. Jim's 30th surprise party - the group at the Timber Rattler's game. Jim and Josh at the game just before fireworks. Josh and his girlfriend Emma shopping for the party food at SAM's.