Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kick-off to 2009 Track Season

So the official 2009 Track season has started. We signed up for a 5K race this past weekend and had an unbelievably beautiful day. I think it was up to 70 degrees already by noon. This year proved that we are somewhat veterans to the race circuit. We packed significantly lighter for this race than any in the past. Ditching the warm-ups as soon as we left the car, only bringing the wipes and a single diaper for emergency, one juice cup, one snack cup, and we were set.

We are still working on our bathroom mojo before the race. We inevitably need to wait way too long for a port-a-potty... Mandy had both Eric and Willa with her whom needed to use the facilities... they made it... but I witnessed first hand how much more difficult this summer will be once Josh is potty trained. That is okay... we'll manage.

The race went well. The boys pushed the kids this time for the entire race. We all ran at the pace that was good for us. It wasn't too packed and the course was very flat... making it fast and a nice way to start the track season. :)

Bobby and Jim have officially called it the 2009 Track Season. They think it is funny that Mandy and I have already picked out which races we are going to sign-up for the remainder of the summer. Our goal is to do one half marathon... so now it is time to pick the race... Can't wait!

The kids of course had a great time during and after the race with all the snacks and food. They love getting all the fresh fruit after the race and I am convinced they think it is just for them! Eric is able to run in the kids races... Willa and Josh will have to wait one more year.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter in MI

This year we spent Easter in MI. We had a very full weekend of fun. Friday Jim went to the Tiger's Opening Day game with his friends and Uncle Aaron. Josh and I met up with Becky and Rylan (14 mos), and Ami and Zach (7mos). We went to a kids play place in Saline to burn some energy. Josh and Rylan ran around trying out everything they could get their hands on. Mr. Zach was busy working on his crawling skills and watching the other boys running around. It was really fun to see Ami and Becky. Crazy how only 5 years ago we were all partying it up at MTU. Oh how things have changed! We are now mom's... of three beautiful boys... so blessed!

We went to Abby and Aarons Friday night for a family dinner. It was so fun to watch Izzy and Josh run around and of course we had to do some of our AWESOME running jumping.

Saturday we were able to lounge around most of the day. We met Bri and Damon for lunch that afternoon to catch up. It is always nice to see Bri... feels like we haven't missed a beat no matter how long it has been since we have last seen each other.

Sunday we went to 8am Mass. Josh was definitely not interested. We had 2 visits to the potty which ended with him screaming "No mama No" when we got remotely close to the toilet. Ah well. We tried.

Easter dinner was at G'ma and G'pa's house. Josh got to spend some more time visiting with Izzy and Charlotte and his Great G'mas. It was really a great way to see everyone before heading back home.