Sunday, October 5, 2008

October already??

The days continue to fly by. We had a rough couple of weeks with Josh. It started the weekend in MN for the reunion. He ate a ridiculous amount of spaghetti before we got into the car. My friend Tyler brought us as he was in the Twin Cities for a Ultimate Frisbee tournament. He dropped us off at my parents about 11 pm. And that is when the fun began. Poor kid puked all over the kitchen floor and me. I figured he was car sick. Then about 30 minutes later. He puked again. So into the tub we both went. After I cleaned up and started the second load of laundry, I got him to fall asleep. He woke up at 4am with a fever. The next morning he was completely fine. All day he ate and played and even napped just like normal. At 1pm, he puked. WHAT? So I was a little nervous about going to the reunion, but my sister said she really didn't mind watching him.

Reunion - it was fun to see people, but I guess I didn't feel like I had enough time to talk to my good friends. They were trying to talk to everyone they usually don't see... so I was busy trying to chase them all down. But all in all it was good.

Back to Josh. So he was fine the rest of the weekend other than running that darn fever. So we kept switching between motrin and tylenol. He willingly took the baby anbesol stuff and so I figured it was his teeth that were causing the problem. My neighbors confirmed that both of their kids puked when the incisor teeth came in. So the entire week we fought the fever, read lots of books, and loaded him up on frozen peas and blueberries - loves them when his teeth hurt.

We were home for the last weekend of September and took Josh swimming. He loved it as usual. Last week I was in Chicago all week for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training. And I actually enjoyed it. I found it refreshing that a company was spending the money to send everyone (HR, finance, engineering, planning, customer service) to this type of training. Granted everyone got different levels of it... but I see how people are using the training everyday at my plant... from HR to the operators on the floor. And things are actually improving.

I couldn't wait to get home and see Josh. So when training got over 2 hours early - I didn't even think that meant I would have to go back to work. So I got Josh out of daycare around 1pm and we went to the park. It was so fun! My boss called while we were there... I didn't try to cover it up and his response - "Good for you, I will keep this short". He then said - I would like you to go to Mich Tech next week and find us a Spring/summer coop for the plant. I was like - um - OKAY! :) Although not liking the idea of traveling 2 weeks in a row... a free trip to Houghton. Definitely not going to pass that up!

Spent the rest of the weekend as a Mom and Josh weekend. It was a blast. We went to a different YMCA this time and the pool was much better. Josh could walk in the water all by himself and play with all the fountains. He played for 1.5 hours until I finally was sick of being a prune. We got all dressed and then went and played on the indoor playground. Then headed to my girlfriend Mandy's for playtime with her two kids. Josh and I crashed when we finally got home. The picture of all the kids in the kennel, yep - her two little ones and Josh. Hilo is such a good dog!

Josh has started doing this funny smile thing whenever he does something new. He just grins super big and cheesy and tilts his head. It is the funniest thing. Today he helped me clean, and I mean really clean. He dusted and helped wipe the floors. Any chance this will last? A clean boy? Hmm... A mom can dream!