Sunday, April 25, 2010

Everett's Baptism

Finally it is here, Everett's baptism. I am very excited since I am guessing the outfit will fit him perfectly... another week and I bet it would be too small! We had lots of guests in town this weekend for the big event. Grandma and Grandpa Kirkwood, G'ma Connie, Aunt Deb and Uncle Chris, Abby/Aaron and the girls, Catherine all represented the Kirkwood family. Nanna and Pappa, Shannon and Steve, Joe and Megan, and G'ma Donna and G'pa Roger all represented my family. It was so nice to have everyone in town.

The weather was horrible so we were limited to mainly indoor activities all weekend. The kids hung out at the pool Saturday morning while a few of us went shopping to Hobby Lobby. It is my mom's FAVORITE store and every time they come to town we go there. It is the only store that I know we average 2 hours in every time we go. Sometimes it is a little much, but we get awesome stuff for the house. That afternoon I took a few family members on a tour of my work... it was fun to show my Dad, Grandma/Grandpa, and brother what I do. I think it helped put in perspective why I am on call 24/7 and why I say that I work with grown toddlers. ha ha!

That night we celebrated a number of birthdays. Aarons (BIL), Cindy's (MIL), my Dads, mine, Josh, and Catherine are all between Mid April to Mid May. We had pie, ice cream, cake, and a big big dinner. Everyone fit in our dining/living room at one table like they did for Josh's baptism weekend, but it is getting a little more snug with all the new little ones! The kids had a blast playing all weekend together.

Now the baptism. What an event! We arrived somewhat intact despite the pouring rain on the way into church that morning. I had focused so much on getting us there that I forgot to bring his matching coat and blanket. But somehow ended up with a ratty old dish towel in my hands. Everett was STARVING when we arrived so my mom fed him a bottle. During the homily we heard him let'r rip... I realized it was the very end of the homily meaning it was baptism time... I panicked and turned to my mom and asked, "Did it go through?". She just shrugged her shoulders as she looked. I turned back to the front and saw the pastor coming down the aisle, I asked my mom again, "Did it go through?". She then lifted him up and there was that lovely mustard poop all the way up his back!!! REALLY? Are you FRICKEN kidding me?

Jim already has the diaper changing pad out and a diaper/wipes ready to go... and all I could think of is, "you can't change a diaper in church... do you want to be struck by lightening?". So I grabbed Everett not sure what to do and said to Father Mike, "um, we have a problem" and then I proceeded to show him his back. Father Mike looked at me like, uh what? I said, "We had a blowout". Father Mike goes, "We have a delay of game everyone, cause Father Mike doesn't want to touch that!". So Jim rips Everett out of my hands and him, my mom, and SIL do the fastest diaper change I have ever seen. When I got Everett back in my arms I said, "Game on!". Everyone chuckled but for that 30 second delay I was forsure BEAT red. Father Mike commented that you could tell this was the second child because I wasn't freaking out! ha ha!

The baptism went on without any more hiccups. He was very smiley and Josh watched every move. He was so curious as to what was going on and where "Jesus" (aka Father Mike) was taking him when he brought Everett up front to show the congregation. It was very cute!

We headed back home and had a nice big brunch with everyone who could make it. Most of our family left around two that afternoon, but Abby/Aaron and the girls stayed until about 9pm and Uncle Chris and Aunt Deb stayed until 6pm. They were all leaving early the next morning for MI. It was a very nice weekend and despite the weather, it went VERY well with everyone in town. Thanks to all who got hotel rooms to help with the crazyness!


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